Commercial Law

Corporate / Commercial contracting

We have lawyers with a high degree of specialisation, with capacity and ample experience in advising top companies in all kinds of corporate affairs and who act in coordination with our specialists in Tax Law in order to provide the best service to the client.

+ Advice on the constitution of all kinds of commercial companies and in their subsequent activity until they are wound-up (including corporate matters, capital increases and any kind of amendment to the articles of association, structure of the governing bodies, etc.).

+ Design and implementation of all kinds of corporate structures, as well as reorganising and restructuring all kinds of company groupings.

+ Advice on corporate governance.

+ Advice on administrators’ liability.

+ Advice on all kinds of commercial contracts.


Our specialist in commercial law together with our specialists in tax law have participated in and led numerous merger and acquisition operations, both national and international.

+ Purchase and sale Due Diligence.

+ Design of the most suitable structure for the operation from the commercial perspective and tax efficiency.

+ Drafting of the documents which form the basis of the transaction (NDA, contract of sale, shareholder agreements, amendments to the articles of association.

+ Advice in negotiating and closing the transaction.

Venture capital

Our multidisciplinary team offers venture capital companies and funds complete advice, both for the purposes of their constitution and their activity.

+ Advice on the constitution of venture capital companies and funds.

+ Tax design and structure of the operations of venture capital companies and funds:

+ Advice on the drafting, negotiation and closing of the commercial contracts which form the basis of the transaction and its finance contracts.

+ Advice in the exit and disinvestment processes.

Restructuring and insolvencies

Our firm has lawyers specialising in advising companies in crisis, having taken part in many relevant refinance operations and meetings of creditors in recent years.

+ Advice in refinance and debt restructuring operations.

+ Insolvency advice, covering the entire process and the protection of the relationship with the Insolvency Administrators.

+ Advice on the administrators’ liability in insolvency proceedings.

Finance and capital markets law


Corporate finance, acquisition finance, project finance and refinance operations

 We are one of the only law firms with headquarters in Galicia with real specialists in finance law, and our team has advised both companies and finance institutions in some of the main finance and refinance operations closed in Galicia in recent years. 

+ Design of the most appropriate finance or refinance structure from the legal point of view and preparation of the corresponding Term Sheet for the operation.

+ Advice in the drafting and negotiation of the finance contracts and guarantees.

+ Advice in the closing of the operation.

Capital Markets

Our banking and capital markets specialists have taken part in many issue operations, both to official markets and to multilateral trading systems like the MARF or the MAB. 

+ Advice through the process relating to issue operations, including MARF or MAB, as well as in the relationship with the market in question and the CNMV (National Stock Market Commission).

+ Advice in the drafting of all of the documentation including request for incorporation, informative document/prospectus, placement agreements, payment agencies, etc.

Tax law


We are a firm with proven expertise in tax affairs, with a group of specialist lawyers from top international firms, financial institutions and academia. We act with expert teams in corporate taxation and family assets taxation, providing tax advice services, mainly strategic planning and defending the tax payers against the Administration.

We offer

+ General taxation.

+ Recurrent tax advice for individuals and legal entities.

+ Representation in tax proceedings before all tax authorities.

+ Legal defence in tax judicial review proceedings.

+ Tax offences.

+ Tax planning for family assets.

+ Tax planning for successions.

+ Taxation of real estate operations.

+ Planning in company restructuring operations.

+ Company groupings

+ International tax planning

+ Customs and Special Taxes

+ Filing queries with the General Tax Department

+ Transfer Pricing

+ Tax Due Diligence

+ Accounting advice.

Civil and criminal procedural law

Conflict resolution

Our lawyers have extensive experience advising clients in situations of conflict, in all areas relating to company activity: civil, commercial, employment, criminal and administrative.

When it comes to dealing with situations of conflict, our action include forming multidisciplinary teams made up of lawyers specialising in procedural law together with other lawyers specialising in the area of law in question in each case (commercial, financial, tax or any other), always with the aim of providing added value to our clients both in the preliminary negotiations and, where applicable, during the court proceedings

We offer

The knowledge of the special features of each sector and of each client (banking, fishing, automotive, hotel and catering, for example) is essential in order to be able to offer integral advice in the resolution of conflicts.

Pre-litigation advice, negotiation and out-of-court settlements.

Legal defence in court proceedings before the commercial, civil, employment, judicial review and criminal jurisdictions (economic and environmental offences).

Liability claims

For fault (contractual and tort) and professional

Corporate conflicts,

Challenging company agreements; conflicts between shareholders; liability claims against administrators.

Civil and commercial contracting

Quantum claims; Proceedings on validity, interpretation and execution of civil and commercial contracts.

Cancellation and performance of commercial contracts (distribution, agency, franchise, concession, etc).

Leases and horizontal property; Ownership, transfer, disposal and administration of real estate.

Enforcement proceedings

Enforcement in Spain of foreign decisions.

Enforcement of personal and in rem

Judicial titles.

Debt relief and collection proceedings.

Criminal proceedings

Corporate offences

Economic offences (Fraud, Misappropriation, Forgery, etc.)

Offences against workers’ rights (in particular, accidents at work)

Environmental offences

Maritime, transport and insurance law

Maritime law

We have extensive experience managing issues relating to Maritime Law, including both its private aspect as well as public.

+ Advice and assistance in negotiating contracts (vessel leasing, fleeting, and marmite transport of goods under bill of lading, passage, towing, consignment and agency), as well as resolution of disputes deriving from them.

+ International maritime sales and documentary credits.

+ Assisting in the negotiation and design of construction, repair, sale and finance contracts for ships, including their export, import, registration and flag state.

+ Pre-litigation advice and resolution of disputes relating to boarding, salvage, extraordinary towing, findings and maritime extractions, breakdown, limitation of ship-owner liability and marine contamination.

+ Maritime insurance (Hull and P&I) and the specialities deriving from its special characteristics.

+ Disciplinary administrative proceedings, with special attention to the problem deriving from fishing.

+ Advice in relation to port concessions and authorisations, and in asset liability proceedings with the Administration.

+ Water sports relating to the advice and assistance in the solution of disputes in leisure boating; sale, finance and flag state of yachts; accidents, insurance and civil liability.

Transport and international trade

Our specialists currently advise a significant number of national and international transport and logistics companies, or those whose activity involves carrying out international trade operations.

+ Advice on contracting and to settle disputes relating to road haulage, logistics, deposit and goods handling.

+ Advice on customs, transport and other administrative proceedings deriving from the transport activity.

+ Transport intermediation contracts.

+ Contracts for the international sale of goods, application of INCOTERMS©, and resolution of problems of Private International Law.


We have a extensive experience in everything relating to Insurance Contracts and we currently advise both insured parties and insurance companies. Apart from Maritime Insurance, our experience covers Damage Insurance, Civil Liability Insurance, Environmental Liability insurance and Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance.

+ Advice in the pre-contractual phase, studying the contracts and offers available in order to make an assessment and recommendations relating to the choice of policies and Companies.

+ In relation to Claims, we provide preventative advice, contributing towards establishing systems and protocols to avoid claims or their management, and after they have occurred to investigate and process the claims until their settlement.

+ Advice and solution of disputes deriving from the settlement of the claims.

+ Recovery claims and recourse claims by the insurers.

Administrative law and public sector

Administrative law

We have a team with proven experience in the public sphere, providing specialist legal advice to both Authorities and Public Bodies (Councils, Associations, etc.) and to companies, business associations, foundations and individuals, in their relations with the Public Administration.

We offer:

Administrative Law:

Legal assistance in the processing of all kinds of administrative proceedings:

  • Application, processing and obtaining of all kinds of authorizations, licenses, prior submissions and administrative permits: water, mines, mountains, coast, environment.
  • Contracting and public tenders.
  • Subsidies and aid refund proceedings.
  • Disciplinary Law: infringements and penalties.
  • Asset Liability of the Public Authorities.
  • Expropriations and reversal procedures.
  • Public property: coasts, water, mountains, historic/artistic and cultural heritage, etc.

Legal defence in all kinds of administrative and judicial review proceedings.

Civil service and other public employment regimes: disciplinary, remuneration, personnel selection and provision of jobs.

Public authorities

We offer specialized services for the Public Authorities, as well as for all those bodies, agencies and entities that form part of the Public Sector, which include:

Specialized legal advice in all areas of Administrative Law:  development of draft legislation, legal reports and opinions (drafting, amendment, interpretation and termination of contracts, preparation of specific administrative clauses and preparatory documents etc.) providing the technical support necessary for the decision-making to ensure the smooth implementation of the legislation by the Administration, and avoiding litigation, damages and/or liability.

Legal representation and defence of the Authorities in the judicial review proceedings before the Courts and Tribunals of Justice by professionals specialized in Administrative Law and its contentious practice.

Legal audit for public Authorities through legal analysis and evaluation of the procedures and administrative practices which allow for defects or irregularities to be discovered in the various Areas of the Administration, as well as determining the improvement plans.

Real estate and urban planning law

We have a team of professionals with wide experience in providing legal advice in the various areas of the real estate activity: sale of all types of real estate and real estate companies, leases, development and promotion contracts, real estate financing and constitution of guarantees, etc. And also in the urban planning preparation and processing procedures, urban planning management, execution and development; providing advice to both private clients (individuals and companies) and to public authorities.

This specialized service is complemented with other areas of the Firm exclusively devoted to the other legal specialties that may be related to the real estate and urban planning: mainly tax, civil and criminal.

As an essential part for the complete development of any real estate activity (business or individual), our team carries out a study of the current urban planning in force, analysing all the viable alternatives for the maximum and best possible urban development use, and also in order to check that the real estate and/or projects comply with the corresponding applicable regulations, both urban planning and sectoral: coasts, mountains, heritage, etc.

The department’s main areas of practice are:

  • Study and drafting of all types of real estate contracts: sales, leases, assignments of use, development, construction, financing, etc.
  • Legal support for the correct execution of procedures at the Land Registry and Notary Offices.
  • Intervention in the building and land use: advice in the preparation of prior submissions and obtaining construction licences and any other urban development certificates required (occupation, operation, etc.).
  • Urban Planning Legality Restoration Procedures: complainant/reported party.
  • Legalization procedures.
  • Urban planning Disciplinary Proceedings.
  • Assets Liability Claims against Public Authorities as a result of the cancellation of licenses and/or urban planning.

Legal defence in judicial review, civil and criminal proceedings relating to all areas related to Town Planning, Construction and the Real Estate Sector in general.

Employment law

Employment law

We have lawyers who are highly specialised, with the capacity and plenty of experience in advising top companies in all issues relating to the labour relations between the employer and the worker.

+ Legal advice and defence in employment litigation: dismissals, terminations, monetary claim, substantial modifications to the working conditions, collective conflicts and any other employment issues from the company’s daily activity.

+ Advice in the drafting and interpretation of employment contracts.

+ Advice and planning measures to make the working conditions more flexible and to optimise the resources.

+ Disciplinary and Sanctioning regime.

Social Security

Our employment law specialists provide tailored advice on social security matters and occupational hazard prevention.

+ Study and advice in temporary and permanent incapacity proceedings; processing and/or possible challenges.

+ Retirement measures, both ordinary and early or partial.

Risk Prevention

+ Assistance and monitoring of the risk prevention and occupational health plans for SMEs and large companies.

+ Advice and assistance before the requests from the Work Inspectorate.

+ Immediate management of Work Accidents: legal defence in the employment jurisdiction, and administrative, in coordination with those responsible for the criminal department.

+ Advice and defence in benefits surcharge processes

Personnel restructuring

Our employment law specialists together with our tax law specialists have participated and led many personnel restructuring operations and asset redistribution operations in different company groupings.

+ Advice in workforce reorganisation operations

+ Employment “Due Diligence”. Study the company’s adaptation to the employment regulations, with recommendations to improve compliance.

Collective processes

+ Collective negotiation. Advice in drafting and negotiating the company’s Agreement and the specific internal regulations under the applicable Agreement.

+ Advice and negotiation of collective measures like redundancy plans, substantial modifications of collective conditions or transfers.

Meetings of creditors

Our Firm has specialist lawyers in advising companies in crisis, having participated in many significant redundancy operations and meetings of creditors over the years.

+ Advice in insolvencies, processing the redundancy proceedings and the individual terminations, and other employment matters within the insolvency proceedings.